Scalp & Hair Weave Protection Professional Package

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32.00 Ounces
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Healing Treatment Spray 16 oz.

  • Apple cider vinegar & tea tree oil blend to relieve dandruff and eliminate dry itchy scalp with a cooling stimulating sensation that promotes growth
  • Removes product build-up, grease & dirt from the scalp

Bonding Shield 16 oz. 

  • Keeps glue off hair
  • Causes glue to be removed with only water
  • 8 oz. covers up to 4-6 heads
  • Low in alcohol


For best results in with this package:

  • Spray  Healing Spray on scalp before shampooing and allow to sit for a minimum of 5 min
  • Before molding hair to prepare for weave spray scalp with Healing Spray, do not rinse.
  • Once mold is fully dry, apply layer of Bonding Shield and place client under dryer for 5-10 mins until dry.